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Our history

The Rivolta Real Estate was founded in Naples in 1956 for the management and development of the real estate properties of the Rivolta Lippo family. In the following years he acquired the first customers who entrusted their family for consultancy in the real estate sector and decided to expand his activities by inserting intermediation among the services offered.
The activity continues for many years in Campania and in 1991 Dr. Sergio Rivolta Lippo opens the first office in Rome in via della Frezza. Subsequently, Sergio's brother, Gaetano, also moved to Rome and the business also expanded with important real estate acquisitions and with the opening of the office in via degli Orti della Farnesina still operating today with Rivolta Servizi e Consulenze in the mortgage sectors. , salary-backed loans, credit assignments, insurance, sureties and sureties. A few years later Saverio Iovino also moved to Rome and contributed to the development of the company by opening the new office in via della Torretta and then the one in via della Lupa, both in the historic center. Subsequently, the range of action of the Real Estate Revolt also expands to Tuscany, Umbria and Lombardy.
Starting from 2003, Rivolta Real Estate joins as promoter of the leading group in Italy in the sharing and collaboration between real estate agencies with over two thousand associated offices. This allows the Real Estate Revolt further room for growth with the activation and use of a network that operates throughout the country and abroad.
In 2013, Dr. Marco Rivolta Lippo also joined the Rivolta Real Estate team, giving further innovative impetus to the company by inserting many new resources and developing corporate communication in order to allow the acquisition of numerous new customers.
In 2016 Rivolta Real Estate opens a new office in the center of Rome in via di Ripetta, a stone's throw from via del Corso. Also in 2016, Dr. Luca Rivolta Lippo joins the company who, thanks to his studies and work in Italy and abroad, helps to innovate and organize the network of Rivolta agencies in a more efficient way and inaugurates the new Office of via degli Orti della Farnesina. It is precisely in via degli Orti della Farnesina, which has sufficient space, that the classroom is designed and built where training courses are held open to all employees of the Rivolta agencies.
In 2017 he inaugurated the headquarters in Viale Carso, in the Prati district, buying the premises occupied by the Barclays bank.
2018 is the year of the entry into the company of Francesco de Ruggiero, Sergio's brother-in-law, who brings to Rivolta all the experience acquired in many years of working as an Agent in one of the largest insurance groups in Europe.

Among the many customers who have used our services in recent years we remember:

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